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University Avenue is an Education Consultancy and University Application Counseling Service.
Our mission at University Avenue is simple. We want you to shine and we are here to help every student discover and unearth their potential in every area, especially the Pursuit of Quality Tertiary Education.

At University Avenue, we combine our Experience and Expertise in applying to universities to guide you through every step of the process. We offer affordable Test Registration and thorough Test Preparation, Application Boot Camps (AppCamp!), and Individual Counseling to help you attain the best entrance exam test scores; submit a stellar application that is a true reflection of who you are; and apply for various financial aid and scholarship opportunities.
We work with Passion and Commitment to each student, believing that everyone carries a star and it is our mandate to help you make your star shine brighter. The counselors at University Avenue combine years of experience tutoring and guiding students to successfully apply and enroll in Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Programs in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and Ghana, securing scholarships up to the full cost of an education abroad.

Our Consultants Circle is made up of successful alumni of universities worldwide and professional Educational Guidance Consultants with up to fifteen years of experience helping students secure admission with substantial scholarship packages to the best universities including Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Cornell, and Columbia, to name but a few.  Our Test Preparation Tutors have years of experience and combine that with unparalleled dedication to the success of each student.

We strive to impart to each student our values of hard work, excellence, good communication, attention to detail, strong leadership, and community mindedness, to equip them not only for a tertiary education, but also for a life of excellence and impact. Having gone through the process ourselves, we are best placed to prepare, guide and mentor you in your pursuit of excellence.

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