Individual Counselling

  • One on One Sessions with our experienced counselors for more personalized attention.

  • Guidance in selecting the best schools suited to student profile.

  • Essay brainstorming and editing sessions.

  • Reminders of key deadlines and assistance sending application packages in a timely manner.

  • Help with financial aid and scholarship applications as well as enrollment choice.

  • Detailed pre-departure checklist including information to help with timely travel paperwork and vaccinations, as well as where available, networking and interview opportunities with past students of chosen university.

Test Registration

  • SAT I registration for undergraduate degree applicants


  • GRE and GMAT registration for graduate programs

  • SAT II Subject tests, ACT, and TOEFL registration on request

Test Preparation

  • SAT I and GRE classes 3 or 5 times a week.​

  • Weekend classes also available.

  • Key handouts distributed free of charge to students.

  • Weekly diagnostic tests to assess progress.

  • SAT II, ACT, TOEFL and GMAT classes available upon individual request. 

  • Essential books may be used in our library or purchased separately.

App Camp!

  • Regular (Saturdays mostly) interactive conferences to give a broad overview of the various stages of application process from test preparation through financial aid applications and a final pre-departure orientation.

  • Essential handy guides are given out to all students who enroll in AppCamp!


  • AppCamp! includes invaluable Application Essay and Résumé writing Workshop.

Parents' Open House

Parents’ Open House for an essential overview of the application process

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